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All Round and Integrated Development
Our school's motto is ‘A New Dawn Of Knowledge’. It is our sincere endeavour to draw out the best of a student’s body, mind and spirit. Ample opportunities are provided to every child for harmonious and balanced development of his or her personality. A monthly record of each scholar’s performance in various field is kept after proper observation and assessment. It forms the basis to adjudge the best student of each standard. To foster a sense of healthy competition, the school offers a number of awards, prizes and certificates. The school also understands that regular teaching periods might not be sufficient for individuals problems arising out of individual differences. The solution to this is sought through extra classes. Different olympiads are also being conducted to update the child's mind. The students are provided special and extra guidance to prepare themselves for various tests and examinations at state and national level in Science, Mathematics and G.K. in order to foster a spirit of competition among them.
Pacing with Modern Educational Techniques
The class rooms in our institution are no longer a dull place with a monotonous routine in which the child is at the receiving end and the teacher at the giving end. On the other hand the class room vibrates with vigour where the teacher employs activity-oriented methods, new educational technology and makes use of other latest audio-visual teaching aids like Tablets, Smart Classes, etc. Tablet Education and Smart Classes help in shaping and improving our students' minds and also improve the skills and qualities of our kids.
Co-Curricular Activities: A Regular Feature
To channelize the ever bursting energy in the student steps have also been taken to vocationalize the education through Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W.) like fine arts, craft work, project work, music, pot culture, gardening and plantation, maintenance and repairs of electric gadgets, plastic
work, clay modelling, cooking, cutting, knitting, sewing, embroidery, meal planning, flower arrangement, floor decoration, community service, adult education and computer education etc. Co-Curricular Activities are an integral part of the daily routine of our students. Music, dance, art & craft and a lot of other hobbies have been introduced in the school to develop aesthetic sense, creativity and emotional harmony of the student. The school encourages participation in multifarious co-corricular activities in order to provide equal participation to the students of all age groups. The department of co-corricular activities with its clubs remains active throughout the year in organising various competitions with a gamut of activities.

Sur Sangam:-  Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Classical & Folk Song & Dance, Rhyme-Singing, Fancy Dress.

Sahityik Manch:-  Dramatics, Declamation, Debate & Symposium, Poetical Recitation, Story & Essay Writing, Quiz & Paper Reading and Group Discussion.

Krira Vrit:-  Exercises (Music, Aerobatics), Yoga, Indoor & Outdoor games, Gymnastics, Judo & Carate, P.T. & Drills, Athletics.
Tours, Picnics & Excursions

No doubt only education, education and education is a dull exercise for a student. To refresh the mind and body of a students, school arranges trips, visits, excursions & educational tours to places of historical and cultural significance. Picnics to nearby picnic spots and resorts are also arranged for the students from time to time. Different excursion programmes are being organised to shape a student's mind towards industry and different project.

Parents Teacher Contact
In order to establish a vital and meaningful relationship between school and community, parents teacher meets are arranged from time to time. Suggestions, observations and recommendations of the parents in the interest of the institution are always welcomed and valued. The last day of every month is meant for Parent Teacher Meet.


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