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Principle Message

Dear parents, when we take children under our custody and supervision, we inculcate in them the proper sort of impulses, which will be helpful for the children in their future life .
The education system in the school irrigates mind, intellect, culture and spiritual life and all other aspects through its on going process of inner growth and outer expression. The best function of education is to enable our children to live as a man and it is of the highest importance. An institute lives not in the buildings and comforts that it provides but in the quality of a traning that it imparts the students it produces. Aiming for excellence, the school imparts education in an Indian Milieu with a definite accent on Indian Culture and Tradition. We wish to inculcate an atmosphere where the students grow with the spirits of tolerance and respect for all religions in a true spirit .

We will do our best for the kids, but parents should also remember that "In education a child rides a bicyle in which the front wheel is the tracher and the rear wheel having hub is the parent, unless the rear wheel moves, the bicycle will not move. Parents and the teachers should join hands for all the the round devlopment of children".


                             You can change student's behaviour more effectively through affection than through punishment.


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