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Rules of Discipline :

  • Students should attend the school in proper uniform
  • Every child should carry a napkin with his/her tiffin box.
  • A clean handkerchief is compulsory.
  • Shoes must be polished every day.
  • No "bindi" make-up or ornaments are permitted.
  • Nails must be neatly pared and clean without nail polish.
  • Only short hair may be kept open, long hair must be plaited and tied with black hair bank or ribbon.
  • Punctuality must strictly be observed by the student.
  • Student should never tamper with the entries made in their Progress Report Card and diaries.
  • Students who are escorted to school by their guardian or servants should never leave the school premises before they arrive. In case of delay,      they should report to the school reception.
  • Students who go home on foot should not loiter about but reach home straight.
  • Students should get the progress report signed by their guardians within 2 days of its receipts.
  • Students should obey house perfects, class monitors and other students on duty.
  • To come out of the class without the class pass is an offence.
  • No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school building. Throwing bits of chalk on others or teasing fellow students is strictly forbidden.
  • Students are care takers of school property. Any damage done to the school property ever by accident should be brought to the notice of the supervisory head or Principal. Those who spoil the walls or damage the school furniture shall have to made goods the lost.
  • The school authority has the right to take disciplinary action against any student for improper
  •  conduct and may even remove such a student from the rolls.
Rules of Disciplinary Measures :

The following disciplinary measures may be adopted by the school in dealing with earning
pupils who indulge in any act of indiscipline.

             1.  Warning    
             2.  Fine  
             3.  Expulsion

However, if the Principal of the school is satisfied with the assurance of the parents that the
pupil would not repeat his mischief, his/her punishment may be condoned

General Rules :
  1. The admission charges / other charges will have to be deposited withing 2 days from the  date on which the admission is offered to the student  failing which the seats will be allotted to the  next student on the waiting list.
  2. All school dues except students security are non refunded. Security (refundable) not claimed with in one year of leaving the school will lapse.
  3. The school authority reserves the right to effect change in the terms and conditions mentioned in the school Prospectus without any prior notice.
  4. The Parents/guardians/students shall abide by the rules & regulations of the school.
  5. The school authority reserves the right to remove such a student whose parents behaviour is harmful to the interest of the school.


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